Textile of the Moment: Rice Harvest

Contemporary Inspiration from the OPT Lao Heritage Textile Collection

By Veo & Jacinta

Mrs Phet

Mrs Phet who created this wonderful new scarf


Antique Sinh

The original sinh from our antique collection that inspired the new scarf

In the Fibre 2 Fabric gallery Indigo exhibition, hangs a beautiful antique Lao sinh in the Ikat orMutmee style, where the technique has produced a delicate white rice plant in full seed, rooted into the earth and highlighted in a field of deep blue indigo.  Traditionally made by mother-in-laws for their daughter-in-laws, this cotton-silk blended skirt is only worn to celebrate the bountiful rice harvest at the end of all the hard work. This sinh is the inspiration for a new, unique silk Ikat scarf by artisan Ms. Pet, an accomplished Ikat master at only 26. Together with the clever indigo dyers at OPT, they have perfected the difficult technique of silk-dying with indigo; indigo is usually reserved for cotton as it has a high affinity for the plant-based fibre.  The resulting creation is a striking pale indigo contrasting with silver shades from the teak-leaf dye. Framed by rice paddy terraces, the scarf carries a motif that is intertwined with daily Lao life and is intrinsically Lao.

The scarf will be available this month at the new shop in the main street.

Like to know more of the background of this story? Look for the full article link coming on the blog soon.


The finished article


Will be available in a range of colours

As worn by one of Luang Prabang's top models

As modelled by one of the most stylish women in Luang Prabang.