Fibre2Fabric Gallery

Fibre2Fabric Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space in Luang Prabang dedicated to documenting and exhibiting textiles from the Lao Textile Heritage Collection.

Our Mission

To produce a series of free exhibitions that focus on hand crafted textiles as a way to explore and explain Lao culture. Our mission is to document and demonstrate the production and cultural significance of textiles from various regions and ethnicities in Lao PDR. The exhibitions are in Lao and English text; therefore making the information accessible to local and foreign visitors. Our ultimate mission is to advocate the preservation and production methods of textiles of all peoples in Lao for the heritage of all Lao peoples.

About F2F

Fibre2Fabric is non-for-profit entity. It is supported by grants and donations. F2F was founded by Joanna Smith and Veomanee Duangdala (also the co-founders of Ock Pop Tok). The initial set up costs were financed by Ock Pop Tok and shortly after the support of The Jim Thompson Foundation was cemented by the donationof a research grant.

Fibre2Fabric is a partnered with Give2Asia a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation founded by the Asia Foundation to promote charitable giving to Asia. For more information follow this link: