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The Story of Hmong Batik

This exhibition explores the culture behind the batik motifs of the Hmong people of Laos. It features Mrs Zu and Mrs Zong of Ban Phahat, Xam Tai, Northern Laos.
January – April 2007

The Silk Road: Silkworms to Nagas

In the foothills of the Annamite Mountains, millions of silks worms are eating their way through tonnes of Mulberry leaves. This exhibition follows their story, even after the silk worms are long gone their earthly efforts are spun, dyed and woven into a myriad of motifs, the most illustrious being the Naga.
August – December 2006

Ikat/Matmee of the Khmu People

The origin of ikat isn’t known, but it is woven as far away as South America, Africa and all over Asia. This exhibition looks at the ikat technique in Khmu ethnic groups, known as Matmee in their traditional language.
April – July 2006

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